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I'm Anubhav

Machine Learning | Programming | Web Development
Undergrad at National Institute of Technology, Silchar

I'm a Programmer

  • Name: Anubhav Sachan
  • Education: Sophomore Year,
    Electronics and Communication Engineering,
    National Institute of Technology, Silchar, IND.
  • Hometown: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, IND.
  • Contact:
         (+91) 8090736674


As a sophomore student at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at National Institute of Technology Silchar, I have been involved in various projects focussing on machine learning, python programming, web development, and little graphic designing.
I have sound knowledge of deep learning, flask and web development with UI/UX so as to deploy self-created ensembles of machine learning models on an enticing web app with server-side programming on flask (which creates WSGI Server). (Individual projects done in each field.)
On the creative side, I do photography; and in free time, I read about the developments in technology online.
Machine Learning; python3: programming, flask; Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap, Wordpress, php; Databases: SQL, MongoDB; Git, bash, cmd, powershell; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Lightroom; Basic knowledge of C++, C, Java SE8.

My Works

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Contact Me

Correspondence Address:
Room 9114, Block B,
Srinivas Ramanujan Hostel,
NIT Silchar, IND 788010.